Max Brenner on GC 25/03/09

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Well, on tues night, I drove down to the coast. That night I had Ming Palace xD love that place. Went down mainly to do the chores around the house, including mowing the lawn tuesday morning. After mowing the lawn my mother and me went to have the pool water tested. Generally good, just needed more acid =D

For Lunch, yup, you guessed right, Yum Cha at Ming Palace! LoL

Convinced my mum to come with me to Marina Mirage, where Max Brenner opened recently!!! mmmm chocolate. It was funny coz we read the directory wrong and ended up on the wrong side of the shopping centre (not like its huge or anything). It’s come a long way and you can’t not realise the amount of renovation that occurs… Very comfortable relaxed environment. ANYWAYS Max B…. went inside… it was like WOW. Took some photos with my crappy phone camera xD

This is the main counter where place orders ^^ very nice i must say. very relaxed


In the other corner was the chocolate shop, mainly for gift ideas and to make your very own M B drinks at home =D25032009139

I ordered a hot chocolate with waffle balls… it was sweet as.
Also ordered a chocolate lick, which was suppose to be just the tiny cup of chocolate in the middle, however they got the order wrong, and so the strawberries were on the house! WOOT
$7.70 yummy~



Rock Band 2 + Left 4 Dead

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my new fav game =D


Rock band 2:
All i can say is super super fun with a group of friends 🙂
I personally prefer this over guitar heroes


Left 4 dead:
Great to see your friends crap themselves, this game is all about survival
great 3rd person game and funny in some parts… full of laughter and freaky bits…
i hate it when i hear a witch cry… coz i know that in the next 5 secs it’ll be on top of me… and i’ll die 😦

More on Gundam Destiny =D

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more pics on gundam destiny

Was watching some bball on youtube today. Watching old clips of MJ and other bball players with different styles compared to the present day, LJames. Stumbled across another one of my fav players TMc (tee mac, Tracy McGrady) see below and you’ll know why, 13 in 33 secs… that does it for me =D

Gundam Destiny!

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Z.A.F.T Mobile Suit ZGMF-X42S, Master grade model

Took my gundam model to the coast the other day to make. took me a night and a bit of the next day to make.

Here are some pictures (quality isnt great, took them from my N73, which is fail)

There was around 250 pieces that had to been hand worked and pieced together… finishing it, is just so fulfilling! 🙂

Study break

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got bored from studying so i went online and entered some comps on

got linked to some toyota ad where you can make subs for a clip…

Ernest* -cnc says (1:54 PM):
Ernest* -cnc says (2:05 PM):
Ernest* -cnc says (2:06 PM):


was bored

Tuesday Night

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Another boring night…. this lecture is killing meeeeeeeee (and michael) (my hero)

havent really had a productive week, and also have an assignment due on friday that is 3000 words…. i dont know how to write such an assignment when you don’t need references and studies to back yourself up…

finally done my last data collection… 2063 has really taught me quite a bit.. it made me really commited to go because there was no lecture slides on the web… however… this is one of the most informative and interesting lectures I’ve ever had… so a big thumbs up for my lecturer (von Hippel)

last saturday saw two eager individuals going out to the city and having a feast!
EJ (ernest n joii) went to have korean in the city! got a large hot pot. sausage and kimchi hotpot LARGE… and fried dumplings… was so full at the end of it… probably because we had a taro red bean frappe before we walked in.

Me spamming the waiter button…


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finally finished my 2063 assignment!!! 2500 words spot on!

feels really good~ handing it in before 3pm =)

the sky has finally decided to rain! about time… it was beginning to become too humid for my liking 🙂

planning to upload my assignment and make a new page on it here. i think its a brilliant idea =D thinking like a psychologist is fun! YEAH!