Lie to Me


Finally! A show that’s based on what I have been learning!
Recently I’ve been watching an american show, Lie to Me. I was a fan of House, but now, I’ve converted to this…
With 12 episodes so far, its got me sitting on the edge of my seat every time. It so good that I can’t wait for the new episode to be broadcasted each week!
Cal Lightman (main character) is so so good at what he does. This show isnt all about detecting liars, but the ability to read emotions. His “talent” is extremely rare and useful because emotion is universal. This means that each and every human will show emotions the same way regardless of race and culture. Watch the show and you’ll find stunning replications in todays society. Examples are shown in celebrities and politicians!
I remember, back in first year, there are many ways to detect someone is lying, however, the average person can only pick up 50% of these lies. Groups such as Policemen and judges increases lie detection by approximately 5-10% (55% to 60%). Imagine, knowing the truth EVERY single time… would that be scary? would it be useful? would it make you insane knowing the truth?

lie to me

Here are a few Promo videos…

Get hooked today. Lie to Me, The truth is written all over our faces.
More info at: and


~ by genkisk on May 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Lie to Me”

  1. I know what we’ll be doing in the holidays…

    re-watching lie to me!!!

  2. YEAH! lets do it, we can remember it word for word! xD WORD!

  3. Watch all the episodes of Lie to me* one at:

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