Stressful economy @@

I dont know much about the economy, but im not too lost to know that it’s like a tornado out there at the moment…

People at home tightly watching the economy as i’m doing my assignment…

Hope it’ll be back to normal soon
Hope my dad is healthy and strong
At times like this, all we need is one another, hold strong and hope for the best
Take care of yourselves



~ by genkisk on October 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Stressful economy @@”

  1. Hi Lovely son,

    I will take care myself, thank you.

    You need to take yourself too.

  2. Surprisingly, some ppl may be benefiting from it, and distressed for those who are on the negative side. Saw some ppl on strike and losing all (or most) of their money because of some banks announcing bankruptcy. Its sad to think that all those ppl put all their money into investments, and then have a global economy meltdown and lose it all in a few days. Hope it gets better.

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