Dalby shared accommodation

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Just a quick post…
I’m looking for reliable housemates to rent here in Dalby.
Due to a job opportunity, I’ve recently moved to Dalby as a health professional, and I’ve been looking for people to rent with that have a similar scenario. I’ve studied and lived on the gold coast and brisbane and it is a big change. It occured to me that rental prices were not as cheap as I had thought. If you are interested in renting in Dalby, feel free to comment on this post and leave me an email address. I have realised the lack of shared accomodation opportunities and this may be on of the ways I could find a roomie before we start looking at the houses. I’m expecting to rent a nice house for around 100$ each (three people), and an extra 20$ for contribution to white goods for a year. So all in all, it’s a lot better than renting out on your own and paying solely $200+ for an empty ‘not so good’ house. Please dont hesitate and feel free to ask me questions. 🙂

3rd of September

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Joey’s birthday.

Started out having a late arvo lunch with my better half. Then we went to the valley to have our hair cut at noble hair. Senior stylist Wataru did my awesome hair style. Big thumbs up (I’m not fussy).

Dashed off home and back out to the Coro restaurant. ordered a degustation set meal. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had 🙂 quality of the food was just amaaaaazing. Much like my date xD drove to southbank for a ride on the ferris wheel to end a great night out ^____^

First post from wordpress app for iPhone.

semester 2

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decisions decisions decisions
going back to uni againnnnnn
will this be my final semester or will i be studying more :S decisions decisions
havent been up to much in the holidays besides sitting in front of a brand spanking new 46″ lcd tv! at my gf’s place 🙂 her parents a so nice for letting me camp there for a long long time 🙂 watched a lot of movies including dexter season 1 and 2. They were pretty good and had a nice story line, season 2 was a lot better. I initially watched season 1 and my boss at work said that season 2 just gets better. So i hired it out and watched it all within 2 nights. He was right, wasnt disapointed at all.

I also got the iPhone 3GS. Its like the best phone i’ve ever used. I got the 32gb black and its sooooo damn sexayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I dont know what ppl are going on about overheating problems but i’ve had none what so ever, maybe coz its currently winter here and not like the US. anyways thats all i have to blog on.

So, let me ask you….
How were your holidays?
Did you go anywhere?
Did you buy anything?
Was it a holiday well spent?

Over and Out


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It’s almost exam time… but this year, its a lot different… i only have one exam… however this comes at a cost, 3 assignments due in a week… already started procrastinating lately…. so fail.

Things i’ve been doing is:
Watching britain’s got talent on youtube. Im so glad diversity won.. they are really fun to watch and creative. heaps of people think that they will just get dull and begin to get worse. i don’t believe that. Everything they have done is original, fun and entertaining, part of the reason why they won. 🙂 congratz

Watching Fringe. Fringe quite new, but not currently broadcasted here in Aus, however.. i believe it would be, the story is thrilling and capturing. My eyes are glued to the screen when i watch this. Be sure to have a look 🙂 wouldn’t want to be missing out!


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yay… First post off my new fone. The…. 5800. Hurray! How exciting. 🙂

for the winnnnnnnn

Lie to Me

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Finally! A show that’s based on what I have been learning!
Recently I’ve been watching an american show, Lie to Me. I was a fan of House, but now, I’ve converted to this…
With 12 episodes so far, its got me sitting on the edge of my seat every time. It so good that I can’t wait for the new episode to be broadcasted each week!
Cal Lightman (main character) is so so good at what he does. This show isnt all about detecting liars, but the ability to read emotions. His “talent” is extremely rare and useful because emotion is universal. This means that each and every human will show emotions the same way regardless of race and culture. Watch the show and you’ll find stunning replications in todays society. Examples are shown in celebrities and politicians!
I remember, back in first year, there are many ways to detect someone is lying, however, the average person can only pick up 50% of these lies. Groups such as Policemen and judges increases lie detection by approximately 5-10% (55% to 60%). Imagine, knowing the truth EVERY single time… would that be scary? would it be useful? would it make you insane knowing the truth?

lie to me

Here are a few Promo videos…

Get hooked today. Lie to Me, The truth is written all over our faces.
More info at: http://www.fox.com/lietome/ and http://ten.com.au/lie-to-me.htm

too much workkkk

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well into uni now… and its just work, work, and more work… trying to find a balance between work and play… finding it hard to concentrate T.T

all i want to do in the easter holidays is play rock band 2, go to noosa to have seafood, have more food, ie. hot pot, korean bbq. go to the beach, and last but not least, thesis writing @@

so much to do, so little time ><

Max Brenner on GC 25/03/09

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Well, on tues night, I drove down to the coast. That night I had Ming Palace xD love that place. Went down mainly to do the chores around the house, including mowing the lawn tuesday morning. After mowing the lawn my mother and me went to have the pool water tested. Generally good, just needed more acid =D

For Lunch, yup, you guessed right, Yum Cha at Ming Palace! LoL

Convinced my mum to come with me to Marina Mirage, where Max Brenner opened recently!!! mmmm chocolate. It was funny coz we read the directory wrong and ended up on the wrong side of the shopping centre (not like its huge or anything). It’s come a long way and you can’t not realise the amount of renovation that occurs… Very comfortable relaxed environment. ANYWAYS Max B…. went inside… it was like WOW. Took some photos with my crappy phone camera xD

This is the main counter where place orders ^^ very nice i must say. very relaxed


In the other corner was the chocolate shop, mainly for gift ideas and to make your very own M B drinks at home =D25032009139

I ordered a hot chocolate with waffle balls… it was sweet as.
Also ordered a chocolate lick, which was suppose to be just the tiny cup of chocolate in the middle, however they got the order wrong, and so the strawberries were on the house! WOOT
$7.70 yummy~


Rock Band 2 + Left 4 Dead

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my new fav game =D


Rock band 2:
All i can say is super super fun with a group of friends 🙂
I personally prefer this over guitar heroes


Left 4 dead:
Great to see your friends crap themselves, this game is all about survival
great 3rd person game and funny in some parts… full of laughter and freaky bits…
i hate it when i hear a witch cry… coz i know that in the next 5 secs it’ll be on top of me… and i’ll die 😦

More on Gundam Destiny =D

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more pics on gundam destiny

Was watching some bball on youtube today. Watching old clips of MJ and other bball players with different styles compared to the present day, LJames. Stumbled across another one of my fav players TMc (tee mac, Tracy McGrady) see below and you’ll know why, 13 in 33 secs… that does it for me =D